Alexandra Hong


Madeleine Co.

Madeleine Co. is the interdisciplinary art practice of Nicole Bazuin, Alexandra Hong and Cheryl Hsu. The collective reimagines social issues through experiential storytelling and multimedia art. The name "Madeleine" is an homage to Marcel Proust's description of an involuntary flood of sensations evoked by tasting a madeleine cookie. Similarly, we seek to trigger inspiration through projects that excite and educate contemporary audiences. 


BUMP TV is a 24/7 public access internet television station. Anyone can submit original content OR make a show in our Toronto studio. The BUMP TV board includes: Alisson EscobarTom Hobson, Alexandra Hong, Ihana JamaacHalloway JonesNeila KarassikJon McCurleyPeter RahulMohammad Rezaei. BUMP TV is inspired by and based on the work of and the 8Ball Collective.

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