Alexandra Hong

It's Still Appropriated Art

Created by Alexandra Hong & Will Pemulis

It’s Still Appropriated Art is a staged appropriation of Carole Condé and Karl Beveridge’s It’s Still Privileged Art. The work acknowledges and reaffirms the still-relevant commentary made by Condé and Beveridge in 1975, while offering contemporary reflections on art and cultural acts. The work questions and challenges the implications of artistic and cultural appropriation through literal appropriation. Now, more than ever, the personal is political. 

Exhibition History

2016 - Curated by Leaf Watson and Sanjit Dhillon for It’s (Still) Privileged Art as part of Public Exposures: Art and Activism of Carole Condé + Karl Beveridge,  401 Richmond, Toronto

Carole Condé + Karl BeveridgeIt's Still Priveldged Art (1975).


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