Alexandra Hong


Alexandra Hong is an interdisciplinary artist, producer and educator whose work spans social practice, participatory engagement, multimedia, and performance. Her work presents access points to complex issues, and suggests an alternative framework to think about and experience the world. She is interested in exploring the borders of experience, questioning ways of gaining knowledge, and creating spaces for dialogue amid hardened ideologies. Alexandra’s projects are often created through collaboration. 

She is a co-founding director of art collective Madeleine Co., and board member of BUMP TV, a public access online television channel. Alexandra’s work has been shown in Nuit Blanche Toronto, Luminato Festival, the Ryerson Image Centre, and presented internationally in South Korea, China, and Finland.

Recent projects include: To speak of Home, a series that pairs photos from the Deh Cho (Mackenzie River) with a conversation with her dad about coming to Canada; zau naan (走難) an immersive sound installation featuring the voices of her parents recounting their homes and all the objects in them before they fled the Vietnam War; Listen to the Chorus, a four-channel immersive installation exploring the state of women’s rights, feelings, frustrations and hopes; and This Art Works! a 10-episode, provocative and subversively funny CBC Arts digital series about contemporary Canadian social practice artists.

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